The Top 10 Rules of Blog Writing Success.

What’s the difference between a journal, and a successful blog?

Simply put: A Lot. Don’t be fooled- blog writing success is about more than just content.

A successful blog is like an organism that requires multiple inputs for it to flourish and thrive. Being negligent when it comes to promotion, attention to detail or not taking into consideration the work that gets done outside of the writing process itself will kill any attempt you have at turning your clever and worthy content into a blooming and growing blog site.


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1. Write Great Comments On Popular Blogs And Your Blog Will Grow.

This step is two fold.

Identify POPULAR BLOGS- Any blogs within your niche which have a hefty amount of followers. Your blog host (like WordPress) should have a reader site, which will help you to indentify who is nailing it in your arena. Read and comment on their content. Reach out and engage.

How to COMMENT WELL- There is a formula for great comments which goes greeting (Hi Jan.) -> compliment (Great post yet again. I really enjoy your content every time I read it) -> value (I have taken your recommendation to make a digital clean up of my blog site and the results are great. Who knew it needed a spruce up?) -> promise (I’m sharing this in my bloggers group over on Facebook. Everyone needs to get this done for 2019). Make each and every one of your comments a piece of quality interaction.

2. Edit Like A Pro.

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Take all of your content and run it through a simple editing program: “Microsoft word document” level simple.

Professional and seasoned writers will respect content that is grammatically correct, so remember: cross your tee’s and dot your eye’s. You’re working to create a blog that reflects a confident, knowledgeable writer who cares about their content. Always remember to polish your work before you publish it.

3. Make Friends With Influencers In Your Niche.

This post runs through the entire how-to of how this is done. The importance of connecting and interacting with the influencers of your specific genre cannot be overlooked if your goal is a successful blog.

Influencer friendships can work on several different levels: their experience can show you how to create a successful blog, they can become instrumental in driving more traffic to your site through links or shares and moving around in influencer circles online will increase your visibility to your own audience.

4. Be Mindful And Smart About Your Keywords.

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The right keywords will help your audience find you.

Think about what your audience will type in when they are looking for your article: “blog writing” or “making a budget” or “fertility journey”. This article is a great introduction into keywords and has some great links to keyword research engines.

5. Create Consistent, Audience Grabbing Titles.

Your title gives your audience a reason to initially click on your content. If your title doesn’t grab them, your hoped-for audience will just continue to scroll on by. A successful blog post relies on a quality headline.

BAD HEADLINE: The things about horse riding I really enjoy and why it gives me a mindfulness practice and why I think you should consider it for yourself.

GOOD HEADLINE: There’s big money in spiritual horse riding.

The bad headline is bad because its too wordy and complicated. The reader has to sift through quite a few ideas at once- horse riding, mindfulness, if they want to actually horse ride themselves. In essence, its way too labor intensive.

The good headline is good because it appeals to the emotion of greed (read more about the importance of using audience emotion to generate traffic here ), it piques curiosity (what on earth is spiritual horse riding?) and is short and to the point.

The content under both these titles can be exactly the same- mindfulness and finding a place of quiet meditation as a regular practice opens you up to being more successful in the rest of your life.

For those just starting out, or if you need some fresh ideas THIS SITE   is gold for creating headlines that are not only attention grabbing, but can guide the body of the content you want to create.

6. Write A Strong, Foundational, Mission Statement.


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And keep it to one line.

This blog educates others by putting into practice what I’ve learnt first. I’ve always wanted to be a successful blog writer. I love writing and reading and I always have. Ive always had good feedback about my work. But I had no idea how to get my content out there and in front of people’s eyes. In a nutshell, I wanted to share my stuff. So that’s my mission statement, and it is the foundation upon which this blog is built.

Find your foundation. Is it “I want to explore the world of sociology”, or “I want to give careers advice”? Use this mission statement as the place you come back to, the essence of your blog, if you will. If you work towards always delivering on your mission, your blog will not wander off into the wilderness. Give it a firm bed upon which it can grow.

7. Educate Yourself.

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You don’t know what you don’t know.

Research and learning are foundational, not only to creating good content, but to improving your marketing skills, creating the best SEO copy and inviting and encouraging feedback and engagement with good calls to action. I didn’t know any of these were even a thing before I got out there and read and researched and read some more.

While online and in-school courses are great, and many reputable sites offer excellent tools, resources and downloads, you already know what you know. With a curious mind and regular practice, you will be able to seek out the information you don’t. Every day is a school day.

8.Work With Others.

Engagement and interaction are at the very heart of blogging. A successful blog is one that has a high level of readership, followers and engagement with the content and the blog site itself. Your potential audience is the entire internet.

Writing guest posts for blogs within your network and inviting others to guest post for you is the peak of blogging engagement and speaks to the core of what blogging actually is: namely SHARING. Sharing content, like with sharing anything, opens you up to new audiences, experiences and topics that would otherwise be unavailable to you if you were blogging hermit-like in door-less tower. So while stats and traffic are great quantifiers of a successful blog, the experience of blogging is the other side of the “successful blog” coin. Magnify your personal experience by sharing your experience and work with others.

9. Maintain A Strong Social Media Presence.

The “work” done outside of the blog itself is just as crucial to success as the content created within.

A strong social media presence means that you can update your audience whenever you post a new blog, interact with your audience, share and comment on other news and content within your niche and interact with influencers regularly. Your blog or website aren’t the only places where you exist online so curate your social accounts wisely and use them regularly and professionally for best results. Then sit back and reap the rewards of a steady increase of, and maintenance of, blog traffic.


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And last, but not least: WRITE. Write and write and write and write. Brainstorm ideas, read popular blogs for inspiration, talk to others who are passionate about the same things you are. Your ideas and thoughts and stance on things matter. Don’t wait for the moment to be right, or for someone else to tell you its okay. Just write. Your voice is enough.

What did you think of this Top 10?

Is there anything you would add or remove?

Let me know in the comments below

And remember to like and share this list using the links below.



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